Our Values

Corporate Responsibilty


Environment Sustainability

SIGNUM Wireless strongly believes in protecting the environment through various means such as reducing our carbon footprint and using technological advancements. We currently have a program to swap all lighting fixtures on our equipment to incandescent and sensor lighting. Where possible, SIGNUM Wireless uses solar panels to provide hydro to the site.


Ethical Business Practices

SIGNUM Wireless values strong ethical business practices and is committed to functioning with professionalism, honesty and integrity. The expectations entrusted on our employees and contractors are established to meet or exceed our customers and community needs.


Economic Responsibility

SIGNUM Wireless supports Canadian businesses to enhance the economic prosperity within regions of our construction sites. We are always open to work with local specialists to be part of the SIGNUM Wireless vendor team. SIGNUM Wireless always works to build strong relationships with communities and to enhance employee/vendor relations.



SIGNUM Wireless’s commitment to health and safety compliancy is continuous. Educating our employees and ensuring that our vendors and suppliers are operating and adhering to both federal and provincial regulations along with the safety codes is paramount to our operation. Safety is a critical item for all construction projects for multiple reasons, including protecting the welfare of our employees and contractors, providing a safe work environment, and controlling construction costs. A dedicated commitment to safety by all those involved in a SIGNUM Wireless led project helps ensure project success and the well being of all those involved. We are affiliated with STAC, a council that is working to ensure that safety of all personnel involved with communication towers and related industry infrastructure are educated in their responsibilities.


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