Water Tower Mounts

A proven solution for mounting Communications antennas to municipal water towers! 

The Magnemount is a cost-effective non-penetrating magnetic mount designed for use on steel water towers. Using a Magnetic platform, installation can be done without welding, cutting or drilling into the tower membrane. 

The basic model MB, and adjustable model MA, have a 24" square footprint and can hold a 5.5 Sq. Ft. antenna mounted 4 feet high on the mast in a 100MPH wind. An upgrade to the rotational torque holding capacity allows the maximum mast deflection to be less than 0.5 degree in all directions in an 80MPH wind. (Testing lab data can be provided). Utilizing Unistrut’s 12 stainless steel framing, coupled with the Magnemount non- penetrating mounting system, we can provide a solution to carrying cables across and down steel water tanks. (Illustrated below) No longer will it be necessary to rely on epoxy for a non-penetrating solution, when the Magnemount mounting system has the track record to reliably hold your cables until you are ready to move them. The Magnemount mounting system is attached to the Unistrut and requires no adjustments. All you have to do is unwrap the package, place the supports, and attach the brackets for a clean installation that has the longevity of 304 grade stainless steel. Placement should be every 4 feet or less on horizontal surfaces and 3 feet or less on vertical surfaces 

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